Luxilum®™ Pigment

Luxilum®™ Pigment

The LUXILUM™ Range is available in 4 after-glow colours, being Yellow-Green, Aqua Blue, Sky Blue and Violet. Luxilum™ is the trade mark for Nite-Glo Innovations’ range of photoluminescent pigments.  Luxilum Pigment provides the highest glow level. (Violet is much less bright with shorter duration)

PH Ranges:

The Luxilum™ PH (hydrolysis resistant) range of photoluminescent pigments is tailored specifically for dispersion into aqueous (water based) systems. To be used where such systems are pH neutral or mildly acidic

Pigment particle sizes:

Larger pigment sizes have better afterglow performance, but may compromise the performance of the pigment in the specific application. For example in paint systems and screen printing applications, it may be desirable to restrict pigment particle size to a maximum of 50 microns or even less. Otherwise painted finishes may have a slightly grainy effect, or in screen printing the pigment may not properly pass through fine meshes.

In other applications, particle sizes of maximum 80 microns, or even maximum 120 microns, may be more appropriate.

Contact Nite-Glo Innovations for specific recommendations about pigment grade and particle size for your application.


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