Commercial Application

Nite-Glo Innovations

Nite-Glo Innovations Supplies;
  • Luxilum™ glow in the dark (photoluminescent) pigments. These pigments are tailored to achieve optimum performance in specific applications and products. All are based on high performance strontium aluminate chemistry, giving the brightest glow performance and long glow duration. A second line of pigments (S series) is available with slightly reduced glow performance and more economical price. Finer sized pigments are also available for specific applications such as screen printing and use in paints.
  • Glowstone®, a luminous synthetic aggregate that is used in flooring, terrazzo, driveways, paths and pavers.
  • Products that incorporate glow in the dark pigments. For example, polymer masterbatches, glow tapes and glow boards.
  • Everbrite toilet seats.

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