The Versatility Of GlowStone®™ (1)

The Versatility Of GlowStone ®™  

GLOWSTONE®™ is a photoluminescent and synthetic aggregate that offers glow-in-the-dark capabilities. It is a product of a highly-resilient polyester, making it suitable as a mix in concrete and other aggregates or homogeneous mixtures. Therefore, it could be used in almost any project that requires photoluminescent materials.

 While you could gauge the applications of GLOWSTONE®™ in various projects, it would be better to shed light on the versatility it offers:

The Ease Of Use In Different Materials And Surfaces

Since GLOWSTONE®™ uses strong composition and maintains a versatile profile, you can use it with a wide range of mixes and aggregates. You can mix it with various surfaces, concrete constructions, or floors. It is easy to mix with terrazzo and concrete materials. Furthermore, you can utilise it for pebble paving or even on gravel paths.

The flexibility of GLOWSTONE®™ makes it suitable to use uncured and cured surfaces (Titles) conveniently.

The Apparent Safety Utilization

Primarily, you can see GLOWSTONE®™ being used in a wide range of pathway constructions. Other uses include additions in dimly lit or dark areas without artificial or natural lights during the night. In these areas, the GLOWSTONE®™ absorbs light from different sources and offers long-lasting performance.

Thus, it enhances security, especially in the dark, making it easier for anyone to track the path. People use GLOWSTONE®™ on sidewalks and even on the roads to make it easier to follow. Others even utilise different colours of GLOWSTONE for various routes, buildings and much more.

These qualities and versatile use of GLOWSTONE®™ make it a worthwhile addition.


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